After breakfast I take a walk to one or more of the markets in my neighborhood. Fortunately Buenos Aires is an old fashioned city when it comes to food shopping. Within a three block radius of my apartment I have a classic butcher, three fruit and vegetable markets, a mini-market, and a supermarket. Slightly farther afield I have a fresh fish market, and a bulk whole foods store. There is no point in me deciding ahead of time what I want to cook, except in the most general sense (sweet, savory, protein, veggies . . .). This is because, unlike stores in other parts of the world where you can get more or less what you want at any time of year, in Argentina you can only get what is seasonal and for the most part it is produced within Argentina. You can hanker for spinach or strawberries all you want, but if they are not in season you are out of luck.


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