This was written some time ago, however I have just happened across it today. I have been to SA twice now. My husband is from there. It is honestly the most beautiful country I have ever been too. I love the Afrikaan culture, and I have found the majority of them to be friendlier than the people in my own country. (Canada) I also fell in love with the other cultures there. I am not a racist. However I too have heard and seen many atrocities that I would not dream of experiencing in my own country. There is clearly an intent to have another holocaust - this time of the white people. All the countries are ignoring this because they all fought for apartheid to end. I am not saying by far and wide, that things were done right during apartheid either. However the country experienced less crime and was more productive. I believe any country that is over populated and has a high poverty level will experience ignorance and a much higher crime level than countries that do not have the above issues. It was a very new thing for me to be hated for the color of my skin, and I certaintly do not want to ever hate anyone for the color of their skin. I was taught that Nelson Mandela was a hero, I was taught that whites were cruel and awful to the blacks in SA while I was in school. Yet now it seems to have gone in the complete opposite direction. If as white people we are the “wrong” color than what hope is there to live together in peace and to help each other? The color of skin should not matter, God created us all equally. How can we hold responsible the children and grandchildren for what there forefathers have done? I am not responsible for what my ancestors did, I am responsible now for my actions and attitudes. There are many tribes in SA, a white tribe should be allowed as well. Work together and not against each other!! Find a way together to bring the crime down, run the government together, not apart. This saddens me to no end. My children have heritage in SA, I would love to live there, but not as it is now. Some of you have said, get the foreigners out, my country is built on immigrants, we embrace their skills and how they can help our country. We accept many different races,religions, and I try to show respect to all of them. Why can this not happen in SA? We have family living there, and we are afraid for their lives daily.
For those of you who replied swearing, and insultingly to the article or to comments,, you are simply displaying ignorance and not making your points properly. You must keep down your anger and think!! My husband is a proud South African man, he loves his country, he loves his people, but he knew his children would not be safe there, plus he could not find work. Please, listen, help your country, help it be all it can be, because the possibilities are endless. You have resources, you have beauty and you have culture. I do believe you need to grab back your resources in order to provide proper paying jobs. However that is from other countries, not all from the white people of SA. God Bless and I look forward to seeing SA change and prosper!


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