Forget for the moment everything you may ever have heard about Jesus. Forget about Him being the Son of God. Forget about Him being your savior and dying for your sins. Forget about Him offering you salvation and eternal life in His Kingdom. Forget about Him healing you from your diseases. Forget about Him offering you an abundant, happy life, free from worry. For the moment forget all of this.

The most basic question for most people is this? Who is Jesus and why do I need Him? Well, for that answer we have to turn to the only authoritative source in the world, the Holy Bible. The Scriptures tell us a lot about Jesus, who He is to us, and His plans for us for eternity. Please take a moment to view this inspiring video, a powerful sermon preached by Rev. SM Lockeridge, who used to pastor in a church in the San Diego area some years ago. You will see and hear a 6 minute condensed version of what Jesus is, as taken from the Scriptures.


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