1. What is a mood?
From what is seems from my personal experience, mood is your body in flight/fight mode (negative state) to a healthy high energy mode (positive state).
2. What determines our moods? What is the source of moods?
When my body is in tip top condition (exercise a few times a week, lots of rest, lots of food (non processed, whole foods) I tend to be in a great ‘mood’. If I’m overworked or tired, my mood is generally negative, and my thoughts can turn very negative. Often me wanting to get away (THIS PLACE SUCKS) or get everyone away from me (THIS PERSON SUCKS RIGHT NOW). Flight and fight.
3. Once we have a mood, what can we do to dissolve it intentionally or change it from negative to positive?
Sleep, food and exercise are three things that normally clear me right up.


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