I've finished , except for the Summing Up section. It covers the first 40 years of his life. One correspondent tells me Baraka is ill. I do not know that is true. It may indeed be. But the, in effect, ends 7 October 1974 on his 40th birthday. (I was 26, in the midst of my own broken marriage, working as a porter at Maryland General. To a great degree my community activism and black political work had come to an end.) On that day he moved away from being a "black nationalist" to become a socialist, "at least in name." Maybe, more specifically, a Pan African socialist. In 1970 he moved away from Sterling Street, where the Spirit House had been. This final turn in his "life of changes," in effect, occurred in Dar es Salaam, on the Indian Ocean. (It was in 1982, at age 33, I took my African trip, lived mostly in Bukavu (ten weeks), next to Lake Kivu.) He provides a rather poignant description, here in part:


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