Celestial teachers
Celestial teachers - Includes all orders of spirit or morontia beings that have volunteered to serve in Christ Michael=s Correcting Time for Urantian mortals and for the other 36 planets from Satania that had been isolated because of the rebellion. Nearly all orders of created beings serve as celestial teachers, from the Mansion World teachers to those of Paradise origin. Also, a large number of these teachers are morontial beings, having lived on evolutionary planets during their mortal lifetimes, and have since traversed much or all of the mansion world experiences and education, some having already fused with their Adjusters. They have been trained by the Melchizedek order of beings to aid us individually in our spiritual growth and to perform a service of assisting us to uplift the civilizations and social fabric of our world. They serve in the capacities of personal and/or group teachers, communicating with mortals through a mind-to-mind process known as transmitting/receiving or ATRing.@ The transcripts located in this web site have come into being through this method of communication.


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