du Seuil, Paris 1964) Their help was THE MAIN FORCE BEHIND THE LIGHTNING RISE OF HITLER who, together with Mussolini and Franco, who in spite of appearances were but war pawns manipulated by the Vatican and its Jesuits.The thurifers of the Vatican must bow their heads in shame when an Italian member of parliament cries out: (Speech by Laura Diaz, member of parliament for Livourne, delivered at Ortona on the 15th of April 1946), or when the students of Cardiff University College choose as the theme for a conference: ("La Croix", 2nd of April 1946).The last sentence of the Forward reads thus:
"May this book reveal to all those who read it the true nature of this Roman Master, whose words are as "mellifluous" (flowing with honey, smooth, sweetly flowing) as his secret actions are ferocious."
The following quote comes from page 164 (emphases ours) --
"For their part, And, As an example, let us see how :
"'Empire and Church' is A SERIES OF WRITINGS WHICH SHOULD --Nazism is another name for National Socialism] ...


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