s: parts's frame: human body, i.e., his own's lap: i.e., ideally true love (Venus) should keepphysical desires (Cupid) under control: thanks be to: alone: inexperienced the wind: to have in the wind = to scent, detectvice: 1) as a waiting-woman, sarcastically, 2) as abawd by allowing her to be alone with Votariusuice: drain for carrying off surplus water, such as ona dam, here with the bawdy innuendo: (MS)fast: i.e., a "meal" that breaks a (sexual)fastough most commonly...methinks: As usual, Lancashireprovides a number of interpretations: "Leonella may mean thatgentlemen usually behave like Bellarius (i.e., muffling themselves,or hiding in doorways) when in his position, or that gentlemencommonly find themselves in his position (and so behave as hedoes); or Bellarius may be wearing, as part of his attempt atconcealment of his identity, one of the large hats fashionableat this time..; or this may involve the old joke about the hornsof the cuckold, Leonella, while referring to Bellarius' actualmuffling, implying that gentlemen commonly are cuckolds but tryto conceal the fact." "Head" does present a commonbawdy pun; in Middleton, cf.


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