Every party to a public contract and everyeligible bidder shall: (1) Refrain from unlawful discrimination and discrimination based on citizenship status in employment and undertake affirmative action to assure equality of employment opportunity and eliminate the effects of past discrimination; (2) Comply with the procedures and requirements of the Department's regulations concerning equal employment opportunities and affirmative action; (3) Provide such information, with respect to its employees and applicants for employment, and assistance as the Department may reasonably request; (4) Have written sexual harassment policies that shall include, at a minimum, the following information: (i) the illegality of sexual harassment; (ii) the definition of sexual harassment under State law; (iii) a description of sexual harassment, utilizing examples; (iv) the vendor's internal complaint process including penalties; (v) the legal recourse, investigative and complaint process available through the Department and the Commission; (vi) directions on how to contact the Department and Commission; and (vii) protection against retaliation as provided by Section 6-101 of this Act.


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