Unbeknown to man, his own Soul and True-Self exists on a Higher Plane where all paradoxical opposites exist in a condition of Wholeness and Oneness. And that it remains virtually impossible for organic man to comprehend the higher reality of his own Soul and True-Self, is the basis of the axiom to Know Thyself. Which is why Jesus is quoted in the Gospel of Thomas as stating: And why, in the Epistle of Peter to James it is stated that if the esoteric body of Gospel teachings that ONLY the inner core of Disciple could receive and comprehend, was to become lost or thrown away, (see ). Why? Because their own Soul and True-Self that remains an UnKnown Enigma to the thinking and mind of physical man, dwells on a Higher Plane where the paradoxical duality of this world exists in a stated of Oneness and Wholeness that is inconceivable from an organic human perspective. And because man's perception and thinking remains locked into a paradoxical enigma where even when he is right from one perspective, he is wrong from another -- with the result being that the Higher Reality of his own Soul is an inconceivable enigma that remains inconceivable for him to contemplate, so long as he remains in his organic human condition. Which is why the Apostle Paul warned that it is impossible for the congregation of Christians who he personally taught, to comprehend the true spiritual meaning of the Gospel. And not only the Gospels -- but also the higher reality of his own Soul and the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God. And unless you are ready and prepared to acknowledge that Paul portrayed organic "natural" man as being of an level of consciousness -- incapable in his present state of mind from comprehending the spiritual meaning of the scriptures, the higher reality of the Soul, and the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God -- then there really nothing that can be gained by your reading beyond this point in this article. Or, for that matter, attempting to study and decipher the true spiritual meaning of the scriptures.


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