Now I’ve got to stop there for a moment. Do you remember when Jesus was with the twelve disciples, and they were probably up there North of Galilee - and the little city is still there, and I think of it every time that we look to the North from Galilee and there sits that little Jewish city on the hill, just like a gem stone up there. And I think the Lord was probably under those same circumstances when He said to the twelve, "You are the light of the world!" He was telling them that they should sit like a city on a hill. But you see Israel dropped the ball, Israel reneged on that opportunity to be the light of the world, so now then who is the light of the world? Well we are as Grace Age believers, but remember Jesus didn’t speak that to us, but to the Nation of Israel, but now we see Paul’s using the same analogy. So as believers we are now the light of the world. Now verse 16.


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