Union general-in-chief , the elderly hero of the Mexican War, created his to win the war. Because it didn't include a march on Richmond, Lincoln overruled him. Union troops headed south, but were promptly defeated by Confederate generals and at the on July 21, 1861. (Thomas Jackson, the former VMI instructor, earned his famous nickname "Stonewall" at the battle.) became the new Union general-in-chief and led his down the to in the spring of 1862. During the , he then marched between the and rivers in an attempt to take Richmond from the southeast. McClellan fought Confederates to a standstill at and . At the , Johnston, the Confederate commander, was badly wounded. Robert E. Lee took over the and defeated McClellan in the fought near Richmond. He was helped by Stonewall Jackson, who quickly marched east after he had in the .


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