Sheldon does not see fault in absolutely anything he does in his life, to such an extent that he doesn't think that, when he commits a serious crime, he is doing anything wrong. He, at one point, insulted a judge whilst in court, simply because of his belief that his job and status was superior to the judge's, which landed him in prison in the first place. Sheldon also stalked President Siebert just to get a simple answer out of him, to the point of following him to his home and then calling him anonymously. Sheldon is willing to steal to get what he wants, and bully anybody to do so as well. A prime example is when he deliberately puts all of Penny's clothes on a telephone wire without acknowledging, or even probably noticing, that this was outright bullying of somebody without any moral reasons other than self-righteousness and phenomenal delusions of authority on his part.


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