This celebratory column is in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution and the world communist movement of the 20th century. We mainly examine its triumps. We welcome your comments and criticisms, and encourage all readers to discuss this period of history with their friends, classmates, co-workers, family, and comrades.

The international working class led by the Soviet Union crushed fascism during World War II, a great achievement. Capitalist rulers lie about it, hiding the key role of the workers and communist leadership in that victory. We reject those lies. Last issue, CHALLENGE busted the following myths:
Lie No. 1: British, French and U.S. Capitalists (”Allies”) Always Opposed Hitler
Lie No. 2: The U.S. And Britain Defeated Hitler, With Little Help from the USSR
Here’s the rest.

Lie No. 3: Churchill Was A Great War Leader
Churchill was anti-communist, racist, and a fervent class warrior for British imperialists. In 1910


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