Dear Sir,
Your explanation of how the blood quantum waters down each generation, is correct but only if the persons in questions kept mating outside of their own race, with each generation. But it seems this was not the case. If two mix bloods with the same blood quantum marry or reproduce, the blood quantum would stay the same for the children. Most people today have no concept of the isolation Puerto Rico suffered up till the early 1800s. Even after the American take over they only found about 60 miles of paved road on the whole island. It was not until the 1920’s that the goverment began to build roads in the interior of the island.
According to Martinez Cruzado if we had done his DNA studies 200 years ago the results would have been higher than 62% of the population, he says it would have been around 80%. The mestizo and Zambo population could have held a very high Taino blood quantum because of marrying within their own communities until the mid 1800s when the population rose highly due to European immigrents with the Celula de Gracias. The average quantum today is 15% an 1/8th is 12 and a half % so the average Puerto Rican is over an 1/8th. You doubt the 20 and over % yet you can go on line just by typing Taino genes or Taino DNA and you will access studies which show samples of many who got 20 to 23 and more in their DNA test results. Now that said I personally do not hold that one is Taino descendant based on quantum. For me it is not enough to have the blood. It’s the heart and the spirit. I took the test and tested my father’s mother because I wanted to prove to myself the oral tradition.


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