Similar to the Presley case, it is evident that, once again, the issue of censorship seems to be entangled in a much larger process. The reason that many songs were censored or outright banned from being played by stations had to do with the fact that they were reflecting parts of culture that were seen as negatively affecting the youth and encouraging experimentation with drugs. However, it is interesting that the broadcasters mention that the music is simply a reflection of the culture rather than a catalyst for these obscenities. Also, the fact that the definition of obscene that the FCC provides to stations is vague seems to further hint at the fact that it is not so much about the content of the music that makes it offensive. Thinking back to the Street quote from earlier in this section, it is also interesting how music, as a result of this complex chain of events, is given a sort of power. A power that the Ancient Greeks may have hinted at early on.


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