This organization should be under the jurisdiction of the Garifuna Nation and it is a needed body to preserve the language, introduce new words, deal with all aspects of the language and to gain worldwide recognition. Once we establish the IGLI, the members of this organization will be able to do a thorough evaluation of the current state of our language and make recommendations on how to improve, preserve and protect it. In the research I conducted, the late Vilma Roches-Joseph, a Garifuna scholar who did extensive research on our language, said that most of our people do not want to speak our language because of shame and low self-esteem. I also think that we should add the following reasons because it was not spoken to us in our homes which I experienced, acculturation with other ethnic groups, peer pressure in the communities where some of us live, nobody to speak the language with regularly, resentment from other Garifuna people like ourselves who know how to speak it and some of us do not see it beneficial for us to speak. We know what are the problems we face with our language, now is the time for us to come together and fix them.


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