Fred Koch helped to overthrow the USSR, and 2 years later Russia became communist, he than turned his attention to the hitlerian policies of the german leader in 1930. In 1934, along with Prescott Bush, duPonts and other wealthy with the American Liberty League,-[[the forerunner of the tea party,]]–to overthrow our government, oust FDR and implement the hiterian policies, faid, startd the John Birch Society, and now his sons have pcked uo wher Fred left off to overthrow the government useing the Tea Party they indeed help start, one section at a time, starting with Arizona. The German leader in 1930 Germany started the same way until he had control of all. 2012 will be a combination of Communism, Fascisim, & Socialism–called perhaps, Palinism, Kochism, or Paulism. Whom will we Heil to????????


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