hi dear friend,

i call you dear friend, because your channel has taught me very powerfully. as a young man, i have watched porn, but after your enlightening words, and especially, watching the Tyra Banks interviewing the 16 year old prostitute, and Sasha Grey; wow... very meaningful to me as a young man. i have always loved woman, in a very heartfelt way, but still was attracted to the eroticsm of porn. all my friends, some family, and men i was around and i liked porn, and many still do. but as i grow older, and appreciate the Power of a woman, and her heart and emotional realm, that is definitely beyond us men, i have come to sincerely appreciate this.

it is an honor to know and be friends with you, because you have certainly empowered me as a young man of 29, and with out a doubt, deeply improved me into a better, more conscious man.




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