When the "Historyof Florence" was finished, Machiavelli took it to Rome forpresentation to his patron, Giuliano de' Medici, who had in themeanwhile become pope under the title of Clement VII. It is somewhatremarkable that, as, in 1513, Machiavelli had written "ThePrince" for the instruction of the Medici after they had justregained power in Florence, so, in 1525, he dedicated the "Historyof Florence" to the head of the family when its ruin was now athand. In that year the battle of Pavia destroyed the French rule inItaly, and left Francis I a prisoner in the hands of his great rival,Charles V. This was followed by the sack of Rome, upon the news ofwhich the popular party at Florence threw off the yoke of the Medici,who were once more banished.


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