It is virtually impossible for man in what the Apostle Paul portrayed as his organic condition of mind (see ), to comprehend the enigma of a paradoxical reality. Yet, he finds himself immersed in a paradoxical world -- often eating the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Duality by embracing one paradoxical truth, while rejecting its opposite that is equally true. Yet, higher reality can only be conceived and understood, when the duality of both polarities of a paradox are comprehended from a higher plane or reality where both opposites form the foundation of a higher realty that is often incomprehensible for the human organic mind. And when I use the term , what this means is that ONLY when the two paradoxical opposites are restored to a condition of ONENESS, do they serve as the foundation basis that reveals a higher reality that remains virtually incomprehensible from what the Apostle Paul portrayed as the organic mind of physical man.


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