Hi, I'm 17 years old and I'd like to tell a P 38 story. I got myfirst P 38 about 2 years ago. It wasn't a "real" P 38, it was areproduction with no markings on it. I got it from a WW2 reenactment shop fromthe internet after spending a long time finding one. Here in Switzerland, the P38 isn't very common, so I got the first I could find here. Anyway, I carried iton my keychain but it began to rust, so i realized it was a copy but it stillworked. I put it in a glass of coke and it became less rustier. A year ago, Iwent to Israel and took my P 38 with me. On the Tel Aviv airport, where theyhave very serious security rules, I thought thy would take it away from me but Iwas lucky. I held my can opener all the 5hrs back to Europe in my hand. but 6months ago, my trusty "old" P 38 became rusty again. I t became sorusty that I couldn't use it any more. So I put into a old cigar box where mygreat grandfather's WW1 dog tags and medals are. Now I have more than 1 canopener, I've some Shelby's, a couple of freds and two US P 51s. My new P 38 is aShelby one which I keep on my dog tags. But I will never forget how many timesmy P 38 helped me during these years and I hope it will help me for couple ofyears more.
Thanks and greetings from Switzerland Noah


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