nurture, but the

interaction of nature and nurture that drives development." Researchers

are finding that the balance between genetic and environmental

influences for certain traits change as people get older. Also, people

may react to us in a certain way because of a genetically influenced

personality and, we may choose certain experiences because they fit best

with our instinctive preferences. This means that our experiences may

be influenced by our genetic tendencies. One way researchers study the

development of traits and behaviors is by measuring the influence of

genetics through out ones , and it is found to be that the

genetic influence on certain trait increase as people age. A research

was done to see whether a trait would show up in a child if it was

environmentally influenced or genetically influenced. A child was given

more negative attention than another was, and it increased the chances

of the child having depressive symptoms and anti-social behavior. But

these symptoms disappeared when accounted for genetic influences and how

parents treat their children.


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