The is like those fantasies that organized suppression can be avoided or outmaneuvered. The people in this category are almost all men, and men comprise more than 90% of the FE field today, which is one of its pitfalls. The people at this level of awareness believe that they can defeat the GCs in battle, expose them, and other adolescent ideas. I call them the , and when they arrive with their armor and weapons, the only outcome that you can guarantee is that when those weapons get used, they will be used on or the Young Warriors will use them on . The GCs will view the resulting carnage with amusement and marvel at how easy the organized suppression game is, when their targets do almost all of the GCs’ work for them. The only warriors of any potential benefit to an FE effort have abandoned coercion and adopted persuasion, usually because they have experienced enough battles and discovered the complete futility of coercion.


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