Your Irish relatives were white, although they were slaves in England, they came to america with one asset (White). They didn’t complain because they knew they had it hard but not as hard as the black man. They knew they had a job and that with the privilege of just being white that things were going to get better and did not need to complain. The Black man on the other hand because he is black knows that he is at a disadvantage because of his color. The black man has been silent and accepting for a very long time, and yet still taken advantage of by the white man. The black man, when given the opportunity to work hard and pull himself up. He is knocked down by the hateful arms of the white man. Look at Greenwood Oklahoma back in 1920’s and 1930’s. There was a town called Black wall street. The town consisted of black educated professionals who were striving and doing well. But this was short lived due to white hate. The white klan came into this black town and destroyed it. Why? because they hated to see a black people do well for themselves.
You see, being white alone is a privilege. Being black in america, no matter how hard you work to be a better person, He will be knocked down by white hate.


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