Drugs are not bad - the way people abuse them is. Experiencing with your own conscience is a beautiful effect of drugs. The world we live in is so preoccupied with time and money. In reality, one cannot be defined by age or money. Rather than judging someone by looks (age) or the size of their house (money), we should judge one by who they are on the inside. Personality is the key to life. If you are negative, bad things will happen. Positive people release energy that will eventually be the result of the good things that happen in their life. The world must realize drugs are not only for people who are unhappy and need to escape reality. Happy people can escape reality to discover how positive energy changes the world. Moderation is key and knowing when it is acceptable to use drugs is what separates people from drug addicts. To me, drugs are a way of emancipation from mental slavery, a break from this world that never sleeps, and most importantly a reminder that the only thing that matters is life itself.


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