Figure 3 – Nan Chen, President of MEF, Addressing the ETSI NFV ISG Plenary at NFV #10
Source: Klaus Martiny, DT (Vice-Chair, NFV Network Operators Council)

While the NFV ISG was meeting in Sanya, the was meeting in Vancouver. Many companies sent representatives to both the ETSI NFV ISG and OpenStack Foundation meetings to maintain close alignment. Recently OpenStack initiated a new activity to develop a based on the ETSI NFV ISG Management and Orchestration (MANO) framework. This is a very important endorsement of the ISG work, and a great step forward in encouraging implementation.

Raquel Morera (Verizon) Chair of the ISG Interfaces and Architecture (IFA) Working Group commented: “This is a welcome initiative by OpenStack. We need to clearly document VNFM functionality, interfaces and descriptors needed for VNF life cycle and performance management, and avoid deviating from our goal in order to deliver timely outputs to OpenStack and the broader industry.

As delegates departed, there was a sense that the NFV ISG took another leap towards attaining its goal to establish the technologies on which the next wave of telecommunications networks will be built. There is no question the NFV ISG is playing a vital and central role to guide open source projects, new standards and new product development. Next on the list- continue to convert the many investigations and into deployment.


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