I am a woman working out of USC School of Cinematic Arts who has been building immersive virtual reality environments to depict NONFICTION stories that I call immersive journalism, which have traveled to major exhibitions – Sundance, Online News Association, World Economic Forum and to the Tribeca Film Festival in two weeks. I have put thousands of people through these experiences with our hand-crafted goggles that Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus, originally helped build in our USC MxR lab. I have collected solid survey data and certainly have an extraordinary amount of anecdotal evidence indicating that very, very, VERY few people have been made nauseous witnessing my experiences. This includes many people, both male and female, who told me that they are susceptible to motion sickness but actually had no problems in our system, wearing our very wide field of view goggles that are tracked by super fast Phasespace cameras. The Oculus Rift is designed for sit-down encounters. My experiences are designed to let the user walk, look and move around freely. While I am still researching the many reasons why my content and the design of our system and goggles may make a difference, I can guarantee I am seeing NO gender distinctions in responses.


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