The development of a robust sense of the common good in the residential community of students is one of the strongest goals of Student Development on our two campuses. For example, at CSB, each first-year student brings a familial representation of herself that is sewn into a large quilt; the first-year class is, metaphorically, sewn together. Each college has guidelines for quiet time and for creating a harassment-free environment. In the classroom, pedagogical strategies foster interdependence of the learners through small-group work, cooperative learning, and collaborative research projects. Our athletic teams focus as much on teamwork as on individuals and winning. Service-learning projects take students into schools, neighborhoods, and cities across the country in order to develop a sense of responsibility for the broader society. Service learning ideally includes theological reflection on these experiences; that is, how this service relates to the Gospel message. These efforts counter the prevalent paradigm of individualism in our culture by giving students a larger vision of the world and a commitment to the work of making it a better place.


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