Here is a selective bibliography of books in English on the subject of Jewish music. Annotations are by Beth Dwoskin, Librarian.

Edelman, Marsha Bryan. Discovering Jewish Music. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society 2003.
This books goes for range and accessibility. It includes a CD with musical illustrations of many of the examples given in the book.

Eisenstein, Judith Kaplan. Heritage of Music: The Music of the Jewish People. Wyncote, PA: The Reconstructionist Press, 1990, c1981.
This book is primarily composed of musically notated examples of Jewish music. It is in songbook format, with a spiral binding for easy piano placement. It predates the klezmer revival. It is intended for young readers and has a pedantic tone, though the textual material can be complex.

Gradenwitz, Peter, 1910-. The Music of Israel: From the Biblical Era to Modern Times. 2nd ed., rev. and expanded. ed. Portland, Ore.: Amadeus Press, c1996.
This book emphasizes the roots of European cantorial and liturgical art. It has historic illustrations.

Heskes, Irene. The Resource Book of Jewish Music: A Bibliographical and Topical Guide to the Book and Journal Literature and Program Materials / Compiled by Irene Heskes., Music Reference Collection ; No. 3. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press 1985.
This is a comprehensive and exhaustive bibliography on the subject of Jewish music to 1985. It meets every requirement for a top-notch bibliography. Its parameters are clearly stated, its organization is logical, it has an author and a topical index, and it has lengthy annotations. It not only lists music periodicals, but also gives the contents of each volume. Besides its age, its only disadvantage is that it is printed in an antiquated, sans serif computer-output font, making it rather hard to read. It is a starting point for anyone planning to do serious research.

Heskes, Irene. Passport to Jewish Music: Its History, Traditions, and Culture., Contributions to the Study of Music and Dance; No. 33. New York: Tara, c1994.
This book is distinguished for its breadth. It begins not with the birth of Jewish music, but with the birth of Jewish music historiography. It touches on all the important points and major figures in Jewish music, and is unique in including a chapter on Jewish women and liturgical music.

Idelsohn, A. Z. (Abraham Zebi), 1882-1938. Jewish Music: Its Historical Development. New York: Dover 1992. Reprint, Schocken, 1967.
This book is by the premier Jewish musicologist, A.Z. Idelsohn. Although it is somewhat technical and academic in style, it is worth having for the sake of its authority and its low price in this reprint edition. It is organized by historical development, so readers can go right to the period that interests them. It was first published in 1929.

Isaacs, Ronald H. Jewish Music: Its History, People, and Song. Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson, c1997.
This book traces the presence of music in the Bible, and its link to the cantorial tradition. It is sketchier and more dated in its treatment of modern Jewish music.

Nulman, Macy. Concise Encyclopedia of Jewish Music. New York: McGraw-Hill, c1975.
This core reference work has critical historical information. It is out of print, but you should be able to find it on the OP websites.

Regev, Motti., & Seroussi, Edwin. . Berkeley: University of California Press, 2004.
This is the most thorough and comprehensive treatment of this subject in one place. Its approach is ethnomusicological as well as historic. It has a discography and four indexes.

Rogovoy, Seth. The Essential Klezmer: A Music Lover's Guide to Jewish Roots and Soul Music, from the Old World to the Jazz Age to the Downtown Avant-Garde. Chapel Hill: Algonquin Books, 2000.
Half this book is a comprehensive discography of the state of the klezmer renaissance in 2000. It is has a historical overview of the music, and the writing style is accessible and high-quality.

Rothmuller, Aron Marko. The Music of the Jews: An Historical Appreciation. New York: The Beechhurst Press, 1954.
This book focuses on liturgical music and its Biblical roots. The Croatian-born author cites many European works and includes a glossary of musical terms from the Psalms.

Rubin, Emmanuel & Baron, John H. Music in Jewish History and Culture. Harmonie Park Press, 2006. [Recommended by ]

Rubin, Ruth. Voices of a People: The Story of Yiddish Folksong. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2000.
This is the definitive work in English on the text of Yiddish folksongs. Rubin collected songs from European-singers and explained their background in this book. She provides notation for selected songs, but the focus is on the texts. There are extensive notes, bibliography, and index.

Sapoznik, Henry. Klezmer! Jewish Music from Old World to Our World. New York: Schirmer Books c1999.
This is a very personal account of the klezmer revival in America by one of its leaders, musician Henry Sapoznik. The book is especially rich in the history of recorded and filmed Jewish music.


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