The popularity of hybrid breeds has a grim downside. While reputable breeders supervise matings (and the accidental loss of any domestic female is taken seriously) and use permitted outcrosses, there are backyard breeders that use any available domestic female, especially moggies because they are cheap. Placing a domestic female with a wild species male can be risky - some wild species males will kill domestic females rather than mate with them. Where there is a size difference, for example with servals, caracals and domestics, using a randombred female means it doesn't matter if the wild species stud accidentally kills them during or after mating (his large size and larger teeth can make the mating neck-bite fatal). The worst of this type of breeder simply put several domestic females of any type/breed with the wild stud overnight and hope that some will survive the experience and produce kittens. It is this sort of breeder that brings cat-breeding and hybrids into disrepute.


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