There areseveral weaknesses in thetheory of cosmic evolution, regardless of the name which is attached toit. I'm sure these questions have been posed previously to John, and inmy opinion, neither cosmic nor macro-evolution can possibly subscribeto the scientific method. I think most scientists know that to be atrue statement. The last tenured chemistry professor I discussed thiswith tried to suggest computer simulations as verification of thetheories 'if this or that is first in place'. The key word there being'if'.
But from acreationist's standpoint, Ithink it all boils down to a few core questions. Firstly, as aChristian, do either of you accept Jesus Christ as complete 'truth'? Ifso, in John 5:47, Jesus says: "But if ye believe not his (Moses')writings, how shall ye believe my words?"
As Moses was themajor author of thepentateuch, as received from God Himself, how do you come to theconclusion that Genesis (which is truth, according to Jesus Christ, asHe was present with God the Father 'in the beginning') and the Biblicalaccount of creation can allow for a 'marriage' of some sort withevolutionists? The two never even meet at the altar.
Genesis 1:27 clearlystates that we(Adam and Eve initially) were created in the image of God. Not thebeasts of the field. There is a clear distinction. Yes, everythingcreated on the canvas of the universe is a reflection of grandartistry, but only mankind is created in the image of God. So, howcould man have evolved from other animal types, even back from the'primordial ooze', without losing this distinction? What's more, werethere other Adams and other Eves?
What was Jesus really sayingin John 5:47?


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