Fear is sometimes induced in the child towards the alienated parent. Fear is ultimately often translated into attacking and humiliating the alienated parent. Fear induction is especially likely to be successful with younger children. Eventually such children consider the alienated parent as "bad", "inadequate" and of little value to them. Such parents eventually are forced to play a peripheral role or no role at all, save as financial providers and sometimes not even that. When mother's economic position is stronger than father's for instance, there is a desire to eliminate father even from the role of being a provider. Some fathers become desperate and contemplate suicide or seek to escape through alcohol or drugs. This merely verifies the picture which mothers frequently inculcate in their children - that their father is an alcoholic or drug addict. Others, as already stated, give up the struggle for any kind of contact with their once cherished children. Some children seeing the once stable parents embroiled in this kind of warfare turn against both parents and become depressed, underachieve at school or turn to delinquency.


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