George Lippard (April 10, 1822 – February 9,1854) was a 19th-century American novelist, journalist, playwright,social activist, and labor organizer. Nearly forgotten today, hewas one of the most widely-read authors in antebellum America. Afriend of , Lippard advocated a socialist political philosophyand sought justice for the working class in his writings. Hefounded a secret benevolent society, Brotherhood of the Union,investing in it all the trappings of a religion; the society, aprecursor to labor organizations, survived until 1994. He authoredtwo principal kinds of stories: about the immorality,horror, vice, and debauchery of large cities, such as The Monksof Monk Hall (1844), reprinted as The Quaker City(1844); and of a type calledromances, such as Blanche of Brandywine (1846),Legends of Mexico (1847), and the popular Legends ofthe Revolution (1847). Both kinds of stories, sensational andimmensely popular when written, are mostly forgotten today. Lipparddied at the age of 31 in , on February 9, 1854.


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