Most theologians consider the procedure known as LTOT, or Lower TubalOvum Transfer, to be morally acceptable. This involves transferring thewife's egg beyond a blockage in the fallopian tube so that maritalrelations can result in pregnancy. Another method, more morallycontroversial, is called GIFT, or Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer. Itinvolves obtaining a husband's sperm following marital relations andaspirating an egg from the wife's ovary. Egg and sperm are placed in atiny tube separated by an air bubble, and the contents of the tube arethen injected into the wife's fallopian tube with the hope thatfertilization will occur. Some theologians consider this to be areplacement of the marital act, and therefore immoral. Other theologianssee it as assisting the marital act, and therefore permissible. Becausethe teaching authorities of the Church—the Pope and bishops—have notmade a judgment about GIFT, Catholic couples are free to choose it orreject it depending on the guidance of their own conscience. If theteaching authority of the Church should judge the procedure to beimmoral, however, GIFT should no longer be used.


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