The son of man comes upon the third mushroom cloud of 1Kings18 in ourunderstanding. So that cloud too will come at an hour that we do not think to beit. If you think clearly about what thisscripture means, you discover that the true Christians, those who will provethemselves ready for the return of the son of man, will indeed think that he iscoming at a certain hour, but that hour will be wrong! The scripture means thattrue Christians will attempt to calculate the 'hour' of the return of theChrist. For if you make no effort to calculate the hour of his coming then hecannot come at an hour that you do not think to be it since you are not thinkingabout any hours. In verse 42 of the same chapter the Christians who are chosenor abandoned at a coming of the Lord, do not know what day thetheir Lord is coming (to appoint a new church and reject an old one). In verse50, the Master comes to the evil slave on a day that he did not expectand in an hour that he did not know.


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