At any rate, it seems to me to be these are the kinds of things thatpeople should consider in determining whether or not to terminate the lifeof a given fetus when one is considering simply what is best for the fetusand the person it would become if allowed to survive, cases where others'overriding rights are not at issue (as in maternal self-defense). One shouldconsider what its future will most likely be like, and what its beliefswill likely be about the value and worth of the kind of life you are bringingit into. Anti-abortionists often say that abortion does not give the embryoa chance to be born; but if you feel the embryo will be born into a lifeof misery and suffer grievously and incommensurately from it, your replywould be that by abortion you are not forcing it to be born, born to alife that will only prolong its misery and suffering. Whether we are givingthe gift of life to our children or are simply forcing them to come intoan unsatisfactory existence are not just two ways of looking at the samething, but are radically different evaluations of the same thing.


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