1) LINE THE INTERIOR SURFACE BEHIND THE Smart Meter …with a large sheet of anything protective which deflects on one side and is coated on the other interior side so that it does not deflect into the home as well, and choose the shield according to its ability to create back scatter and to reflect radiation, be it specially metal threaded fabric or be it the kind of leaded glass used by x-ray techs or be it a large sheet of lead, or nickel. You can buy and use specially designed carbon paint for the entire interior wall area and even the exterior wall area for at least several yards in all directions behind the meter. Or maybe cover the whole interior area with copper backed wallpaper. Some metals are more effective than others. Aluminium is okay but not as strong at deflection as is copper, for instance. (Although if you were to turn on a cell phone and then wrap it totally in aluminium foil it would eventually turn into heat and fry itself.).
There are also smart meter metal collars and box shields for sale on the net. Truth be told, I am not sure how much they reduce emissions but I think the idea is to direct the frequency and to narrow its beam.
In any case the general idea is to accomplish the same thing with this purchase of a smart meter shield kit approach or with DYI for this: Wrap a snug metal collar or aluminium wrap around the entire circumference of the smart meter and then box it in on all sides except the face with what ever will deflect or suppress the frequencies, hopefully not toward anyone else’s property. This is one approach for those who do not want to be liable for actual damage to the smart meter or who prefer not to wrap it up to suffocate the frequency and shut it down for good.
Whatever you use on the interior wall behind where the meter is installed, do some research on the best materials first.
Smart meters have a large field. Visualize them as a giant lightbulb and visualize the field as the light from it.
Better yet also add EMF absorption material on the interior side of the lead or other metal sheet or carbon paint surface which you install on the interior wall shared by the meter. Or you might also try to obtain Carboshield from Germany which actually extinguishes radiation and is used to prevent espionage or hacking. .
Be careful not to operate EMF emission items indoors anywhere at all near the smart meter interior shielding material or that same shield, if it has no absorption layer on it, will tend to also reflect or enhance the emissions from items in your home. Remember all electricity has a field. Same goes for stainless steel appliances which bounce EMFs from other wireless devices in the home.


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