• IMPORTANT: Keep in mind, if your aquarium is low in electrolytes, the quick release of positive mineral ions can be stressful to many SE Asia and Amazon River fish such as Bettas, as well as many shrimp (such as Crystal Red Shrimp). If not used before, it is strongly advised to start with a 1/4 dose and then work up to a 1/2 dose or more.
literally 10s of thousands of professional uses (which includes CONTROLLED tests by aquarium keeping expert Carl S.) show this product to be safe and in fact beneficial when used correctly, so be wary of dishonest, poorly moderated aquarium keeping forums calling this product "evil" or making equally miss-informed statements based on a lack of basic aquarium chemistry knowledge (including Redox)
Example: a 1/4 Medium Wonder Shell or 1-2 small WS for a 10 gallon aquarium.


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